Tutoring Management Software
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The EZTutor software is a student management software that provides comprehensive tools to manage student data, site operation data and financial data to companies providing one-to-one or group based tutoring. All the information you need is available anywhere you go at real-time.
Core Functionalities
» Centralized Management System
» Preload State Educational Standards
» Individual/Classroom Based Tutoring
» Customized Sign-in Sheets/Attendance
» Financial Analysis & Decision Support
» Structured Data Management
» Retrieve Data 24/7
» Accurate and Automated Billing System
» Built-in Communication Tools
» Customized Reporting
EZTutor Vs Others
EZTutor helps
» Manage a large database of
   students/staff members
» Suitable for any tutoring company
     irrespective of its size
» Generate a multitude of reports
» Access financial data real-time
» Communicate with stakeholders
    involved in the program